Filter papers used in air, fuel and oil filtration

Most of Filter papers is made of cotton fibers. According to different applications to produce. Because of its material is a fiber articles, so its surface has numerous small holes for the liquid particles through, and the volume of the larger solid particles can not pass. This nature allow the separation of liquid and solid substances mixed together, e.g. for filtration of transformer oils, fruit juices. It also may be produced to cleanable paper element filter for gas engines or produced to filter bag for vacuum cleaner.

Hebei Leiman Filter Material Co., Ltd. supplies oil filter paper, air filter paper and fuel filter paper. They may be supplied in corrugated or plain (no corrugation). The filter paper becomes wet when filtering, it should be consider that the long filter tenacity after wet when using. Seepage on filter paper density level of the orifice and size, affects its filtration efficiency. The high efficiency filter paper speed is not only fast, but also high-resolution.

Filter paper has the technical features of basic weight, thickness, air permeability, corrugation depth, bursting strength, stiffness, pore size max, resin content, colour and packing type.

Our products specification as following:
Air filter paper thickness is 0.35 - 0.70mm, basic weight 100 - 160g/sq.m.
Oil filter paper thickness is 0.35 - 0.65mm, basic weight 100 - 150g/sq.m.
Fuel filter paper thickness is 0.35 - 0.60mm, basic weight 100 - 145g/sq.m.
Transformer oil filter paper thickness is 0.60 - 1.25mm, basic weight 250 - 550g/sq.m.
Sheet size: 200 × 200mm, 240 × 240mm, 280 × 280mm, 350 × 350mm, 400 × 400mm, 500 × 500mm.
Thickness, basic weight and sheet size can be as requested.

In addition to, we also provide technology support, such as, how to select filter paper and sieving gauze detailed specification. If you want more info about our products, please email us

Our new order

  1. Filter paper for a company dedicated to the production of biological and chemical indicators, and indicator inks for sterilization monitoring.
    We are searching filter paper that should follow these characteristics:
    Basis weight [g/m2]: 65.
    Filtration time for distilled water [s]: 15.
    Wet bursting strength [kPa]: >15.
  2. I am in the coffee business and currently use paper filters for brewing tea and coffee. I am curious is there are different micron/ mesh sizes in filter paper that i could use. I believe that the current paper filter that i am using is near a 25 to 30 microns in size and would like a filter paper that is somewhere near 80 microns?
  3. Fine filter insert paper mesh 30 micron for oil system flushing (pipes and tank).
  • Air Filter Paper

    Air filter paper used in air filter elements for filtration. Thickness 0.35-0.70mm, weight 100-160g/sq.m, .0625 THK 1/16" packing, fiber TYPE II, CL A SPEC HH-P-96

  • Oil Filter Paper

    Oil filter papers in panel or roll type used in oil filter elements to protect lubrication system of engine. Thickness 0.35-0.65mm, basic weight 100-150g/sq.m.

  • Fuel Filter Paper

    Fuel Filter Paper is used in fuel filter elements, thickness 0.35-0.60mm, basic weight available 100 - 145g/sq.m, all colors available.

  • Technical Data

    Filter papers in plain or corrugated detailed technical data weight 100–200g/m2, thickness 0.4-1.0mm, width 200-1200mm, roll core 70mm or 76mm.


How to Select Filter Paper

Filter paper is widely used in many fields. You must note filter paper effective area, fiber diameter, tensile strength and others when you order.

Sieving Gauze Detailed Specification

Sieving gauze, sieve mesh is the filter mesh used in wheat mill sieve machines with different kinds of types and specifications.

Several Types of Papers Specifications

Filter paper can be divided into many types depending on the application. For example, air filter paper, oil filter paper and the others. Each of them has different specifications.