• Air Filter Paper

    Air filter paper used in air filter elements for filtration. Thickness 0.35-0.70mm, weight 100-160g/sq.m, .0625 THK 1/16" packing, fiber TYPE II, CL A SPEC HH-P-96

  • Oil Filter Paper

    Oil filter papers in panel or roll type used in oil filter elements to protect lubrication system of engine. Thickness 0.35-0.65mm, basic weight 100-150g/sq.m.

  • Fuel Filter Paper

    Fuel Filter Paper is used in fuel filter elements, thickness 0.35-0.60mm, basic weight available 100 - 145g/sq.m, all colors available.

  • Technical Data

    Filter papers in plain or corrugated detailed technical data weight 100–200g/m², thickness 0.4-1.0mm, width 200-1200mm, roll core 70mm or 76mm.

  • Transformer Oil Filter Paper

    Transformer oil filter paper standard weight 270gram / m², Thickness 0.70mm, Size 188mm × 188mm/ sheet, 100kg